Parliamentary Bar Mess

Parliamentary Bar Mess
Parliamentary Bar Mess
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The Parliamentary Bar Mess

The Parliamentary Bar Mess (PBM) is an association of barristers who appear on instructions before Parliamentary Select Committees in both Houses of Parliament at the committee stage of private and hybrid bills.

Members are instructed by Parliamentary Agents acting on behalf of the Government, or Local Authorities or other government agencies, statutory undertakers or private promoters seeking statutory powers for major public works.

They also appear for petitioners (for example local authorities, private individuals or environmental associations etc.) on instructions opposing the grant of powers by private and hybrid bills for the carrying out of such works. Examples of recent bills include the HS2 Bill, the Crossrail Bill and the London Local Authorities Bill.

The majority of the members of the PBM also appear at inquiries held under the Transport and Works Act 1992 and, in addition, many practise in the fields of Town and Country Planning and National Infrastructure Planning (development consent orders).
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